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KANSAS      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Kansas does not have any public lands established as nudist sites. However, it is worth noting that two of the entities listed below—Lake Edun and Camp Gaea—function essentially as private non-profit day-use parks available for a low entry fee. Both are open to everyone, but Lake Edun is more traditionally family oriented while Camp Gaea has a heavily gay and somewhat counterculture following.


     Camp Gaea    39.2274N, 95.1178W 
          McLouth (northwest of Kansas City)

     Lake Edun    38.9666N, 95.7994W 

     Prairie Haven    38.7161N, 95.7065W     E
          Scranton (south of Topeka)

     Sandy Lane Club    38.1505N, 97.8644W     E
          Hutchinson (northwest of Wichita)

OKLAHOMA      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Oaklake Trails    35.8074N, 96.5614W     E
          Depew (between Oklahoma City and Tulsa)

SOUTH DAKOTA      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Hippie Hole [3] 43.8935N, 103.3669W  is a very secluded swimming hole deep in the forest south of Rapid City, not far from Mount Rushmore. This site sees sporadic nude use.

TEXAS      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Conservative Texas is home to one of the top interior nude beaches in the U.S. A short drive west of the liberal oasis of Austin, Hippie Hollow [1] 30.4128N, 97.8825W  is a beautiful lakeshore site in a county park where the option of being naked is officially sanctioned. Hippie Hollow is the most popular nude beach in the southern part of the U.S. between Florida and California.

      The Austin vicinity has a few other sites that see occasional nude use, although they are eclipsed by Hippie Hollow. Within the city limits, the Barton Creek Greenbelt [3] 30.2489N, 97.8129W  is a bit of an "urban wilderness," and there are a couple of spots along the creek where sporadic, discreet skinnydipping occurs. Farther afield about 35 miles west of Austin, Gracy Cove [3] 30.4526N, 98.0318W  is an area within Pace Bend County Park where discreet nudity occurs.

      After Hippie Hollow, the next most popular nude beach in the state is located along a remote stretch of the Gulf Coast in southeastern Texas. About 60 miles east of Houston, McFaddin Beach [3] 29.5752N, 94.3196W  has been visited by nudists at least since the early 90's. Getting there can be challenging because the nude area is accessed via a badly storm damaged road that has never been repaired, but this site has emerged as a relatively safe haven for nudists despite occasional brushes with intolerant authorities in the past.

      Padre Island is the 110-mile-long barrier island along the Gulf Coast that extends from Corpus Christi almost to the border of Mexico. There are two nude beaches associated with Padre Island, one near each end. The more popular and better established of the two is UFO Beach [2] 26.3654N, 97.2128W  , located north of the town of South Padre Island and accessible only by driving about 10 miles along the sand. This remoteness has made the beach a safe haven for nudists. At the other extreme, North Beach of Padre Island National Seashore [3] 27.4649N, 97.2796W  near Corpus Christi is a much less-established nude site where discretion is in order.

      In the Dallas area, Queen's Point in Westlake Park [4] 33.0937N, 96.9941W  in Lewisville is a lakeshore gay nudist hangout that has seen better days. Crowds diminished substantially after brushes with authorities in the 90's, and nude bathers have never returned in significant numbers, but a trickle of men continue to discreetly sunbathe nude at this hidden spot.

NATURIST RETREATS—near Dallas / Ft. Worth

     Barehide Ranch    32.9232N, 97.9199W     E
          Poolville (west of Ft. Worth)

     Bluebonnet Resort    33.2802N, 97.6460W     E
          Alvord (northwest of Ft. Worth)

     Chaparral Resort B & B    32.6070N, 97.7592W     E
          Weatherford (southeast of Ft. Worth)

     Purple Peacock Resort    31.7727N, 95.4179W     E
          Palestine (between Dallas and Houston)

     Wildwood Resort    33.2639N, 97.6655W     E
          Decatur (northwest of Ft. Worth)

NATURIST RETREATS—near Houston and Austin

     Emerald Lake Resort    30.1102N, 95.2295W     E
          Porter (northeast of Houston)

     Lone Star Resort    30.2486N, 95.9632W     E
          Navasota (northwest of Houston)

     Natural Horisun    29.3107N, 95.9063W     E
          Boling (southeast of Houston)

     Star Ranch    30.3149N, 97.2455W     E
          McDade (east of Austin)

NATURIST RETREATS—south of San Antonio

     Natures Resort    26.3153N, 98.0199W     E
          Edcouch (far south, Rio Grande Valley)

     Sandpipers Resort    26.4008N, 98.1592W     E
          Edinburg (far south, Rio Grande Valley)


     Camp Circle J    32.3655N, 95.9092W     E
          Eustace (southeast of Dallas)

     Grizzly Pines    30.2552N, 95.9289W     E
          Navasota (northwest of Houston)

     The Homestead at 3218    31.5661N, 97.5733W     E
          Crawford (west of Waco)

PLACES TO STAY—ADULTS ONLY (not suitable for minors)

     Live Oak Resort    30.3342N, 96.2257W     E
          Washington (northwest of Houston)

     OTR4U    32.7561N, 95.9123W     E
          Wills Point (east of Dallas)

     Riverside Ranch Resort    29.2098N, 98.3128W     E
          Elmendorf (southeast of San Antonio)

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