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CONNECTICUT      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Solair    42.0212N, 72.0527W     E
          Woodstock (northeastern CT, near MA border)

     Sun Ridge Resort    41.7462N, 71.7965W     E
          Sterling (eastern CT, near RI border)

MAINE      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Maine has had a few notable skinny dipping sites over the years, but sadly they have diminished to oblivion due to a host of problems. In the White Mountains of southwestern Maine, Frenchman's Hole [2] 44.5086N, 70.9174W  near Bethel is a scenic swimming hole along a creek. Nudity occurs sporadically a bit downstream and out of view of the main swimming area. Frenchman's Hole seems to be the only location left in Maine that has even a semi-regular nudist presence.


     Richmond Sauna    44.1008N, 69.8889W 
          Richmond (southwest of Augusta)


     Twin Ponds Lodge    44.4747N, 69.4605W     E
          Albion (north of Augusta)

MASSACHUSETTS      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Massachusetts has two established coastal nude beaches, both on Cape Cod. Herring Cove Beach [2] 42.0276N, 70.2035W  in the gay mecca of Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod, is populated almost entirely by gay men. 12 miles away, Longnook Beach [2] 42.0130N, 70.0306W  in the town of Truro is attended mostly by couples and families, but steep parking fees and parking limitations are drawbacks.

      The only established inland site in Massachusetts is the Westfield River at Cummington [1] 42.4357N, 72.8604W  , a popular and secluded riverbank beach located about 35 miles northwest of Springfield in Western Massachusetts. The Cummington site seems to have peaked in the 90's when parking was easier, but it still has a following despite having falling a bit off the radar since the turn of the millennium.

      The well-heeled islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard have a few nude beach options. One of those sans-swimsuit havens is Miacomet Beach [2] 41.2416N, 70.1104W  on the south coast of Nantucket. The other is Moshup Beach [2] 41.3493N, 70.8362W  , a gorgeous beach beneath the stunning Gay Head cliffs at the far western tip of Martha's Vineyard. A final option for nude bathing is Lucy Vincent Beach [1] 41.3401N, 70.7218W  , which is less than 10 miles away from Moshup Beach, but you can't just visit on a whim. It's a private beach, and you'll need to lay out considerable cash to rent a house in Chilmark before you are eligible to buy a permit to visit. Lucy Vincent is almost certainly the most exclusive nude beach in North America.


     Berkshire Vista    42.5728N, 73.3259W     E
          Hancock (far western MA, near NY border)

     Carpe Diem Guesthouse & Spa    42.0542N, 70.1849W     E, F, G

     Sandy Terraces    41.6638N, 70.4463W     E
          Marston Mills (far southeastern MA)


     Carl's Guest House    42.04909N, 70.1910W     E

     The Gaslamp Bed & Breakfast    42.0507N, 70.1886W     E

NEW HAMPSHIRE      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Cedar Waters Village    43.1264N, 71.0704W     E
          Nottingham (between Manchester & ME border)


     Joe's Hideaway    43.1506N, 72.1025W     E
          Washington (southern NH, west of Concord)

RHODE ISLAND      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Rhode Island has no well-established nude beaches. Very discreet nudity is possible at a secluded cove of Beavertail State Park [4] 41.4600N, 71.4005W  on Conanicut Island (west of Newport).


     Dyer Woods    41.7677N, 71.7474W     E
          Foster (west of Providence, near CT border)

VERMONT      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Vermont is perhaps the most tolerant and enlightened state in the country with regard to nudity on public land. While Vermont has no specifically sanctioned nude areas, the state government decreed in the early 70's that it has no interest in nudity on private property out of public view or on secluded public land. Therefore, the state is teeming with swimming holes that are traditionally used nude. Our sampling represents the best established and most popular sites, along with a few other interesting spots thrown in for good measure. There are many more skinnydipping opportunities in Vermont besides the ones named in this guide.

      The two most notable skinnydipping sites in Vermont are in the far southern part of the state in the Brattleboro vicinity. The Ledges [1] 42.8368N, 72.8768W  on the Harriman Reservoir near Wilmington is the best known and overall most popular nude spot in the entire state. It is the most likely of Vermont's nudist sites to have substantial crowds and—relatively speaking—a gender balance. The Rock River [1] 42.9474N, 72.6510W  near Newfane does not have the notoriety of The Ledges, but it draws a much higher percentage of gay men as part of the overall crowd. On hot summer days, the Rock River is Vermont's most popular gay nudist venue, but some straight nudists visit as well.

      Moving north to the Rutland area, skinnydipping is popular at narrow Clarendon Gorge [1] 43.5226N, 72.9450W  about 10 miles south of Rutland. Nude bathing is also customary at a secluded area of Chittenden Reservoir [2] 43.7282N, 72.9150W  about 10 miles northeast of Rutland.

      Moving farther north still, the Mad River Punch Bowl [1] 44.1486N, 72.8420W  between Waitsville and Warren is a charming swimming hole accessed through private property. The owners welcome nudists and promote a suitable-for-all-ages atmosphere.

      Between Montpelier and Burlington, the Huntington Gorge [2] 44.3731N, 72.9580W  is one of the most famous (and dangerous) swimming areas in the state, and the lower gorge is very popular with nudists.

      There are two lakeshore nude sites on Lake Champlain in the immediate vicinity of Burlington. Just a few miles south of town, a hidden area of Red Rocks Park [2] 44.4440N, 73.2335W  draws a scattering of nudists, as does newly "colonized" Starr Farm Beach [2] 44.5163N, 73.2689W  a few miles north of town.

      Northwest of Montpelier in Woodbury, Woodbury Quarry [2] 44.4411N, 72.3852W  is a secluded, off-the-beaten path respite for nudists. Even farther north, just 20 or so miles south of the Québec border, Southwest Cove on Lake Willoughby [1] 44.7163N, 72.0333W  is a very well-established nude beach that draws small crowds. The nude beach affords terrific views of the mountains rising up on either side of the lake.


     Abbott's Glen    42.7601N, 72.7802W     E
          Jacksonville (southwest of Brattleboro, near MA border)

     Coventry Club & Resort    44.6747N, 73.1948W     E
          Milton (north of Burlington)


     The Gargoyle House    44.1398N, 72.0812W     E, F
          Wells River (near Montpelier)

     Frog Meadow Bed & Breakfast    42.9749N, 72.6938W     E
          Newfane (near Brattleboro)

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