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      Florida should be a nude beach paradise, but it simply is not. Florida is one of the most diverse states in the country, with large ethnic populations, retirees and other transplants from the Northeast and Midwest, and thriving gay and lesbian communities, not to mention plenty of international tourists. Despite these influences, some of the state's social policies seem mired down in an intransigent Bible Belt mentality. Florida has a state anti-nudity law, and there are hardly any places where authorities leave nude sunbathers alone. The history of nude beaches in Florida is mostly a history of nudists being driven away from place after place, and the number of healthy and thriving nude beaches can be counted on one hand.

      What is lacking in public nude recreation opportunities is partially made up for by an exceptional number of naturists retreats and other private places of interest to nudists. Florida has over a dozen full-fledged, large-scale nudist resorts, several of which are clustered in Pasco County north of Tampa, which is often hyped in the (mostly sensational) press as the Nudist Capital of the World. Florida also has an exceptional number of gay clothing-optional establishments throughout the state.

      The island-city of Key West has a number of small-scale places of interest to both straight and gay nudists, although not so much for families with children. Key West may be the only place in the country where you can sunbathe nude by the pool at your guesthouse, take a nude sailing excursion, explore a hidden and little-known nude beach and then go out drinking and dancing in the nude at a clothing-optional bar.

NUDE BEACHES—Statewide     [ ↑ ]

      Florida has but one "legal" nude beach: Haulover Beach [1] 25.9179N, 80.1211W  in the Miami area, the clothing-optional status of which was sanctioned by Dade County in 1991. It is a tremendously popular, easily accessible, first-rate beach—just the type of beach that Florida could and should have more of but doesn't.

      The Treasure Coast is the portion of Florida's Atlantic coast in the vicinity of Port St. Lucie, where South Florida blends into Central Florida. Blind Creek Beach [2] 27.3678N, 80.2476W  is a remote stretch of beach on Hutchinson Island, a barrier island that is bridged to the mainland. Discreet and sporadic nude bathing has historically occurred at this undeveloped and pristine beach. Nudist visitation has been on the upswing since 2014, after the formation of an advocacy group has actively promoted clothing-optional use of the beach with a heartening degree of cooperation from local authorities.

      Farther north on the Atlantic coast, North Playalinda Beach [2] 28.7047N, 80.6687W  near Titusville and South Apollo Beach [1] 28.8560N, 80.7745W  near the town of New Smyrna Beach have been safe havens for nudists due to the constant and tireless advocacy of naturists groups, even though some local officials have been chomping at the bit to banish nudists from these beaches for years. Both these beaches are part of Canaveral National Seashore. Playalinda is the more popular of the two.

      Another nude beach in Florida where nudity can be openly practiced is at a very hidden corner of Geiger Beach [2] 24.5589N, 81.6859W  near Key West. This beach is not well known despite its proximity to Key West, perhaps because most visitors who arrive in Key West by air do not rent cars and the beach is too far removed to be reached any other way. Whatever the case, this largely undiscovered beach seems to be free from the morals police.

      A final nude beach is Passage Key [2] 27.5555N, 82.7430W  in the Tampa Bay area. Passage Key is a tiny island located in the area where Tampa Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, and the catch is that the only way to get there is by boat, and there is no public mode of transit to the island. Thus, Passage Key is pretty much the exclusive domain of private boaters, and most boaters anchor around the island for bare bathing.

      Other than the six beaches named above, the rule in Florida is: Be ready to cover your ass—literally. None of the beaches named below are places where you can completely let your guard down. You should be wary of encounters with unsuspecting textiles and keep a watchful eye for patrols by land and water.

      Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge [3] 27.1023N, 80.1341W  in the Palm Beach vicinity

      Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas Reserve [4] 30.1000N, 81.3405W  south of Jacksonville

      Johnson Beach [3] 30.3089N, 87.3706W  southwest of Pensacola

      Caspersen Beach [4] 27.0445N, 82.4348W  in Venice

      Silver Key [4] 26.4676N, 82.1710W  near Ft. Myers



     Bay Bares Park    30.4525N, 85.4683W     E
          Youngstown (north of Panama City)

     Hidden Lake Resort    30.8784N, 87.1280W     E
          Jay (north of Pensacola)

     Riviera Resort    30.6210N, 87.1749W     E
          Pace (north of Pensacola)

     Sunny Sands Resort    29.2508N, 81.4395W     E
          Pierson (west of Daytona Beach)

     Suwannee Valley Resort    30.3185N, 82.7544W     E
          White Springs (between Jacksonville and Tallahassee)


     Mystic Lake Manor    30.4862N, 83.4448W     E
          Madison (east of Tallahassee)

     Southern Comfort Campground    29.6136N, 83.0918W     E
          Cross City (west of Gainesville)



     Cypress Cove Resort    28.1564N, 81.4365W     E
          Kissimmee (south of Orlando)

     Eden Resort    28.4032N, 82.5972W     E
          Hudson (north of Tampa)

     The Island    28.2408N, 82.4500W     E
          Land O'Lakes (north of Tampa)

     Lake Como Resort    28.1825N, 82.4773W     E
          Lutz (north of Tampa)

     Paradise Lakes Resort    28.1847N, 82.4710W     E
          Lutz (north of Tampa)

     Paradise Pines RV Park    28.1856N, 82.4804W     E
          Lutz (north of Tampa)

     The Woods RV Resort    28.2582N, 82.4616W     E
          Land O'Lakes (north of Tampa)


     Camp David    28.8320N, 82.2172W     E
          Inverness (north of Tampa and Orlando)

     GayStPete House    27.7776N, 82.6941W     E
          St. Petersburg (Tampa Bay metro)

     Sawmill Camping Resort    28.4754N, 82.1938W     E
          Dade City (north of Tampa and Orlando)

PLACES TO STAY—ADULTS ONLY (not suitable for minors)

     Caliente Resort Tampa    28.2565N, 82.4640W     E
          Land O'Lakes (north of Tampa)

     Riverboat Club    28.2583N, 82.4600W     E
          Land O'Lakes (north of Tampa)



     Camp Mars    27.0575N, 81.3967W     E
          Venus (near Lake Okeechobee)

     Vitambi Springs    26.5162N, 80.9671W     E
          Clewiston (near Lake Okeechobee)



     Sunnier Palms Park    27.4122N, 80.4147W     E
          Ft. Pierce (north of Port St. Lucie)

     Sunsport Gardens    26.7368N, 80.2672W     E
          Loxahatchee (west of West Palm Beach)


     The Cabanas Guesthouse    26.1599N, 80.1184W     E

     Cheston House    26.1299N, 80.1055W     E

     Coral Reef Guesthouse    26.1445N, 80.1129W     E

     Ed Lugo Resort    26.1583N, 80.1362W     E

     The Grand Resort and Spa    26.1304N, 80.1062W     E

     Hotel Lush Royale    26.1337N, 80.1067W     E

     Inn Leather    26.0973N, 80.1362W     E

     Manor Inn    26.1579N, 80.1379W     E

     Pineapple Point    26.1258N, 80.1263W     E

     Worthington Guesthouse    26.1306N, 80.1062W     E

PLACES TO STAY—ADULTS ONLY (not suitable for minors)

     Rooftop Resort    26.0200N, 80.1168W     E
          Hollywood (south of Ft. Lauderdale)

KEY WEST     [ ↑ ]


     Marrero's Guest Mansion     24.5553N, 81.8036W     E


     Alexander's Guesthouse    24.5606N, 81.7953W     E

     Equator Resort    24.5585N, 81.7985W     E

     Island House    24.5611N, 81.7951W     E

     New Orleans House    24.5529N, 81.8010W     E


     Blu Q Sailing Charters    24.5614N, 81.8016W 

     Garden of Eden Bar    24.5581N, 81.8047W 

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