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The map at left shows only England.
The region of South East England is shaded in red.
The star indicates the location of London.

The region of South East England spans the eastern half of the English Channel coastline. This region also partially surrounds London. All the nude beaches in this region are located within about 100 miles of London, and a few are within 60 miles. All but four of the beaches listed on this page front the English Channel. Three of the beaches in Hampshire are located along the Solent, which is the body of water between the mainland of England and the Isle of Wight. Each end of the Solent connects to the English Channel. The last beach on this page, Shellness Beach in Kent, is located along the Thames Estuary, which is the indentation of the eastern coastline that is just to the right of the star in the map above.

Hampshire      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Taddiford Gap Beach   50.7312N, 1.6370W 
This beach below a golf course in Barton on Sea draws a small but steady stream of bare bathers.

      Calshot Beach   50.8034N, 1.3273W 
This beach, along with the next two beaches, is along the Solent, which is the channel of water between the mainland of England and the Isle of Wight. Located near Southampton, Calshot Beach is a narrow pebble beach, and one end draws nudists. Although the nude area draws only small crowds, Calshot is still the most popular of the Solent beaches.

      Meon Beach   50.8238N, 1.2576W 
This beach, along with the previous beach and the next beach, is along the Solent. Located southwest of Fareham, Meon is a spacious and lightly attended beach that gets some nude use, but nudity seems rather sporadic.

      Browndown Point Beach   50.7870N, 1.1794W 
This beach, along with the previous two beaches, is along the Solent. It is located directly south of Fareham, and sometimes there is a dispersal of just a few nudists along a little-used quater-mile-long stretch of the beach.

      Eastney Beach   50.7863N, 1.0364W 
At the east end of Portsmouth, part of this shingle each is signed for nude use, and it is one of England's most urban nude beaches. Eastney is a treeless beach backed by a building that looks like a prison but is actually part of a military installation. Idyllic it is not, period. Nonetheless, the beach is quite popular, and what it lacks in natural beauty is partially compensated for by proximity to a large city and ease of access.


     Avonvale Sun Club    50.8661N, 1.7602W     E
          Highwood, Ringwood

     Bournemouth & District Outdoor Club    50.8176N, 1.8159W     E
          Matchams, Ringwood

     Haslemere Sun Club    51.1153N, 0.8065W     E
          Headley Down


     Crowded House    51.1001N, 1.3032W     E
          Kings Worthy, Winchester

Isle of Wight      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Blackgang Beach   50.5821N, 1.3107W 
West of Ventnor and near the southernmost point of the Isle of Wight, Blackgang Beach is the island's only well-established nude beach. With red-tinted sand and a backdrop of very steep cliffs, the setting is extraordinary. Attendance is light since the access road is rather inconspicuous and the access trail is challenging.


     Valerian Sun Club    50.7040N, 1.2106W     E

West Sussex      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Selsey Beach East   50.7534N, 0.7573W 
The pebble beach of the town of Selsey includes a lightly visited peninsular extension that ends at the mouth of an estuary. This part of the beach draws a scattering of nudists.


     Apollo Sun Club    50.9485N, 0.1919W     E
          Sayers Common, Hassocks

     Little Oaks Sun Club    51.1347N, 0.1299W     E, D*, F*, G*

East Sussex      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Shoreham Harbour Beach   50.8275N, 0.2145W 
This beach a few miles west of Brighton is in an unlikely industrial location. A high wall behind the beach shields nudists from seeing the unsightly industry going on just a stone's throw away and provides a sound barrier as well. More importantly, the wall is an essential privacy screen. The beach is rather stark but well attended, and Brighton area naturists tend to prefer this beach to the much maligned East Beach (see the next listing).

      East Beach   50.8148N, 0.1143W 
An ideologically über-liberal city with a large gay population and a famous seafront amusement park, Brighton is the Berkeley of Britain, the San Francisco of Britain and the Coney Island of Britain all rolled into one. Just a mile east of Palace Pier (the heart of the seafront), a small part of East Beach is officially designated for naturism. It is a very public nude beach that can get very crowded on warm days, but, among naturists, opinions about this beach are sharply divided. Many regard it as a spectacle and abhor the fact that many textiles wander by for a peek, regarding the naked bodies as another of Brighton's quirky amusements. A lot of local naturists prefer Shoreham Harbour Beach (see the previous listing), which is less than 5 miles away and off the tourist radar.

      Telscombe Cliffs Beach   50.7963N, 0.0276W 
Just a few miles east of Brighton, the beach below the very precipitous cliffs along the short stretch of coast between the development of Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs has traditionally drawn small crowds of gay men who sunbathe in the nude. Attendance is much lower than at the other Brighton area nude beaches (see the previous two listings).

      Birling Gap Beach   50.7463N, 0.1918E 
Between Seaford and Eastbourne, Birling Gap Beach is at the approximate mid-point of a long series of dramatic, sheer, chalky cliffs called the Seven Sisters. Part of this beach is frequented by a small number of nudists.

      Fairlight Cove   50.8659N, 0.6356E 
Located a little east of Hastings and accessed by a hike through pastoral park land, Fairlight Cove was made an official nude beach back in the 70's. Sadly, the beach appears to be about a decade past is heyday due to problems with cliff erosion. To discourage visitation, park authorities have posted "Dangerous Cliff" signs and never replaced the collapsed wooden staircase that used to lead down to the beach. Beach loyalists have made makeshift steps, and the site continues to attract visitors, although in smaller numbers than in past decades.

      Camber Sands   50.9324N, 0.7776E 
Near the border of East Sussex and Kent, the far end of Camber Sands is sporadically attended by nudists.

Kent      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Abbot's Cliff Beach   51.1006N, 1.2472E 
About halfway between Folkestone and Dover, Abbot's Cliff Beach is near the western end of the storied White Cliffs of Dover. Although nudity is well known to occur at this beach, attendance (nudist or otherwise) is rather sparse.

      Sandwich Bay Beach   51.2950N, 1.3757E 
This long beach near Sandwich provides ample space for nudists, who gather along one end of the beach. Getting to the beach requires passing through the exclusive seaside enclave of Sandwich Bay, and non-residents are levied a toll to drive along its streets. Many would-be visitors, both nudist and otherwise, are put off by this arrangement, so beach attendance is rather low.

      Shellness Beach   51.3773N, 0.9471E 
This beach is the only beach listed on this page that fronts the vast Thames Estuary. Shellness Beach is located in a remote corner of the Isle of Sheppey, an island that is bridged to and barely disconnected from the mainland of England. The beach is well attended on summer weekends, easy to access and officially signed for naturist use.


     Adventurers Sun Club    51.2981N, 0.6248E     E
          Hucking, Maidstone

     Invicta Sun Club    51.1842N, 1.3297E     E
          Sutton, Dover

Berkshire      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Heritage Club    51.3694N, 0.8311W     E
          Heath Ride, Wokingham

Surrey      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Surrey Downs Sun Club    51.2663N, 0.4853W     E

     The White House    51.2822N, 0.0773W     E

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