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Mexico & Central America
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The Caribbean
Larger Caribbean Islands:   Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica
Far Eastern Caribbean:   Antigua, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin, St. Barthélemy, U.S. Virgin Islands
Islands near Venezuela:   Aruba, Curaçao

The first three islands listed above are part of the Greater Antilles, and they are all independent nations that are either Spanish speaking (Cuba and the Dominican Republic) or English speaking (Jamaica). All the other islands are much smaller and are part of the Lesser Antilles. Of these, only Antigua is an independent nation, and the spoken language is English, as is the case in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which is a territory of the United States. The remaining islands are part of either France or the Netherlands, with either French or Dutch as the official language. Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Barthélemy are French islands. Aruba is a Dutch island. St. Martin is split between France and the Netherlands, and the Dutch side is called Sint Maarten.

ANTIGUA      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      A little west of St. John's, Eden Beach [1] 17.1108N, 61.9003W  is one of the four beaches of Hawksbill Beach Resort. It is designated for nude bathing and is accessible to the public. The beach draws small crowds, mostly resort guests. English is Antigua's official language, and the majority of the island's visitors are British.

ARUBA      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     Little David Bed & Breakfast    12.5269N, 70.0218W     E

CUBA      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      From an American perspective, Cuba is a country that is so close yet so far away. U.S. citizens may not travel to Cuba except under special circumstances, and that does not seem likely to change anytime soon. In the decades following the Cuban Revolution, the Cuban tourist industry virtually vanished, and it was not until the 90's that the Cuban government began an effort to draw tourists from abroad. Over the past few decades, Cuba has become quite popular with Canadian travelers and also draws a good many Europeans. White beach nudity is not part of Cuban culture, a handful of nude beaches have emerged for the benefit of foreign tourists, and all of them are on small islands that are offshore from the main island of Cuba, quite isolated for workaday Cuban society. They are collectively described under Nude Beaches in Cuba  .

CURAÇAO      MAP     [ ↑ ]


     The Natural    12.2257N, 69.0607W     D, E, G, S
          Sint Willibrordus



     Caliente Caribe    19.6795N, 69.9745W     E      beach * 

GUADELOUPE      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Near the eastern end of Grande-Terre (one of the two land masses of Guadeloupe), Plage Anse Tarare [1] 16.2562N, 61.1985W  is a hidden but well-attended nude beach. This small beach is one of the best and safest nude beaches in the Caribbean. Guadeloupe is an overseas department of France, so the language is French and the unit of currency is the euro. Although off the radar of many Americans, Guadeloupe is popular with vacationers from France and Québec.


     Eden Nat    16.2826N, 61.2764W     F
          St. François (far eastern Grande-Terre)

     Résidence Club Caraïbes    16.3099N, 61.2707W     F
          Le Moule (far eastern Grande-Terre)


     Les Jardins de Zephyr    16.3103N, 61.7087W     F
          Sainte Rose (far northern Basse-Terre)

JAMAICA      MAP     [ ↑ ]

      Jamaica offers the most resorts with nude possibilities of any of the Caribbean islands, but just a few of them have characteristics of full-fledged naturist resorts. Of the ten establishments listed below, the relatively new N-Resort (opened 2010) on the north coast offers the most unrestricted nude experience for mainstream naturists, with few clothing requirements throughout the grounds. On the west coast, Grand Lido Negril is often described as having a nude side and a "prude" (i.e., textile) side since some of the guest rooms directly abut the designated clothing-optional area, but nudity is restricted to the beachfront and pool area on the nude side, not throughout the grounds. Neighboring Hedonism II also has a nude side and a prude side, but unlike at Grand Lido, nudity is unrestricted in the nude part of the resort. However, Hedonism II is rather notorious as a playground for risqué adult fun and is generally shunned by more conventional naturists.

      Each of the other resorts listed below is basically a textile resort that has a zoned-off beach area (sometimes with a pool and/or spa) for nude bathing, but nudity must be confined to a rather small part of the resort. In other words, they aren't places where you can walk out of your room in the buff on your way to the beach. If you want to go naked on the beach in Jamaica, stay at one of the resorts below, or inquire about obtaining a day pass. All the nude beaches attached to these resorts are de facto private beaches since you need to pass through resort grounds to get to them. Jamaica does not have any public beaches where nude bathing is legal or safe.

      If you visit Jamaica toward the end of experiencing naturism, it helps to be a straight couple traveling without your kids. Most of the resorts listed below are for adults only. Those that do allow children do not allow them in the designated nude areas. Furthermore, four of the resorts below are advertised to couples, with a couple being defined either explicitly or implicitly as a man and a woman. Gay and lesbian travelers should also be advised that Jamaica is, to put it bluntly, one of the most notoriously homophobic places in the Americas. While you will probably be insulated from local attitudes within the confines of a resort, in the real Jamaica outside the resorts, being openly gay is dangerous.


     Club Ambiance    18.4634N, 77.3440W     E      beach * 
          Runaway Bay

     Couples Negril    18.3419N, 78.3366W     E      beach * 

     Couples San Souci    18.4168N, 77.0712W     E      beach * 
          Ocho Rios

     Couples Tower Isle    18.4226N, 77.0386W     E      beach * 
          Ocho Rios

     Gran Bahía Príncipe Jamaica    18.4612N, 77.3562W     E      beach * 
          Runaway Bay

     Grand Lido Negril    18.3407N, 78.3404W     E      beach * 

     N Resort    18.4874N, 77.6142W     E     beach * 

     Sunset Beach Resort    18.4657N, 77.9435W     E      beach * 
          Montego Bay

PLACES TO STAY—ADULTS ONLY (not suitable for minors)

     Hedonism II    18.3380N, 78.3426W     E     beach * 

MARTINIQUE      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Like Guadeloupe, Martinique is an overseas department of France. However, Martinique tends to be a bit more conservative than other French islands of the Caribbean, so beach nudity is generally frowned upon by locals. However, there are two beaches at the southern extreme of the island attract a trickle of nude bathers: Petite Anse des Salines [3] 14.4087N, 60.8851W  and Anse Trabaud [3] 14.4074N, 60.8516W  . These beaches can be accessed from the same parking lot as they lie on either side of Grande Anse des Salines, one of the island's premier (textile) beaches. Of the two, nudity is better established at Petite Anse des Salines, which is attended mostly by gay men.


     Le Carbet    14.5538N, 61.0511W     F, E
          Les Trois Islets

ST BARTHÉLEMY      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      Tiny St-Barthélemy lacks the critical mass of residents or tourists to support a really popular nude beach, but nudity is nonetheless freely tolerated at a couple of beaches on this well-heeled French-governed and French-speaking island. Anse de Grande Saline [2] 17.8881N, 62.8203W  and Anse du Gouverneur [2] 17.8847N, 62.8333W  are nearby beaches on the south coast of St-Barthélemy, and nudity is well established at the extreme ends of both beaches. There are usually only a handful of nudists at each beach.

ST MARTIN      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      St. Martin is the Caribbean's best island for nudists. This small island is 87 square kilometers in area—that's about half the size of Washington, D.C.—but is has three established and safe nude beaches. St. Martin is actually part of two countries. The southern half—Sint Maarten—belongs to the Netherlands. The northern half is part of France.

      On the eastern coast of French St. Martin, the far southern end of Orient Bay Beach [1] 18.0830N, 63.0142W  is the most popular nude beach on the island, owing to its location next to a naturist resort. This is arguably the most renowned nude beach in the Caribbean.

      On the west side of the island and also in the French territory, Baie Rouge [1] 18.0687N, 63.1241W  provides a quieter nude beach experience, with a forested backdrop and gorgeous views. A few kilometers south of Baie Rouge and just across the border, Cupecoy Beach [1] 18.0504N, 63.1357W  is located within the Dutch territory, Sint Maarten. Cupecoy is likewise very scenic, and although the crowd is mixed, it is the preeminent gay beach of the island.


     Club Fantastico    18.0874N, 63.0261W     E
          Orient Bay

     Club Orient Resort    18.0825N, 63.0150W     E, F      beach 
          Orient Bay


     Villa Rainbow    18.0800N, 63.0550W     E, F
          east of Marigot


     Tiko Tiko Cruises    18.0821N, 63.0123W 
          Orient Bay

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS      MAP     [ ↑ ]


      The U.S. Virgin Islands are located east of Puerto Rico and consist of three main islands: St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. The culture of the islands is generally unfriendly toward public displays of nudity or even toplessness for women. Only St. Thomas has a beach that is currently visited by nudists. On the north coast of the island, Little Magen's Beach [3] 18.3691N, 64.9245W  is a small, hidden cove about 400 meters from popular, textile Magen's Bay Beach. A small number of nudist gather here, and the secluded location seems to protect it from interference by conservative locals.


     Sand Castle on the Beach    17.7012N, 64.8858W     E
          Frederiksted, St. Croix


     Flamboyance Yacht Charters    18.3342N, 64.9457W 
          St. Thomas

     Soul of the Caribbean    18.3361N, 64.9399W 
          St. Thomas

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