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      Wreck Beach [1] 49.2608N, 123.2620W  in Vancouver is not merely the most popular and famous nude beach in British Columbia, nor is it just the premier nude beach of Canada. Wreck Beach is—arguably, of course—the best nude beach in North America. Located adjacent to the University of British Columbia campus, Wreck Beach is over five kilometers long. The entire beach is legally clothing optional, and there are many hundreds of visitors on peak days. The beach consists of a main hub along with several quieter satellite areas.

      While all of British Columbia's other nudist sites are eclipsed by Wreck Beach, there are plenty of other beaches throughout the southern (i.e., populated) part of the province where nudity is common, including a few other notable sites in the Greater Vancouver area. In Surrey, south of Vancouver near the U.S. border, there is a narrow and rocky beach near 1001 Steps Park [2] 49.0242N, 122.8640W  that attracts a scattering of nudists. North of Vancouver, a small segment of Brunswick Beach [2] 49.4690N, 123.2406W  in Lions Bay is frequented by a small number of nudists, but parking and access is not easy. Both 1001 Steps and Brunswick are less than an hour by car from downtown Vancouver.

      About 125 kilometers north of Vancouver in the ski resort town of Whistler, a pier at the north end of beautiful Lost Lake [2] 50.1301N, 122.9368W  is a favorite of nude sunbathers, but space is rather limited.

      Vancouver Island is altogether different from the city of Vancouver. Vancouver Island is the huge island west of mainland British Columbia that is not bridged to the mainland. The only automobile access is via ferry. British Columbia's capital city, Victoria, is located at the southern end of Vancouver Island. Victoria is home to two nude beaches. About 11 kilometers west of Victoria, Prior Lake [1] 48.4762N, 123.4665W  actually doesn't have a beach at all, but nudity is freely tolerated at the tiny lake. Nudists orchestrated the building of a long wooden sunbathing platform that extends into the lake. A little farther away, about 22 kilometers west and south of Victoria, the far end of Witty's Lagoon Beach [2] 48.3828N, 123.5161W  is also frequented by nudists.

      Much farther north on Vancouver Island, Little Tribune Bay [2] 49.5212N, 124.6419W  is a well-established nude beach on remote Hornby Island, one of the Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Hornby Island is about 200 kilometers north of Victoria, via two short ferry crossings. On the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island, vast Pacific Rim National Park near Tofino presents ample opportunities for discreet nude bathing. The best choice is the far north end of Florencia Bay [3] 49.0004N, 125.6580W  , but attendance is sporadic. Florencia Bay is about 300 kilometers by car from Victoria.

      The scenic Okanagan Valley of south-central British Columbia is home to a couple of nude beaches. Three Mile Beach [2] 49.5393N, 119.5742W  in Penticton and White Rock Beach [2] 50.2195N, 119.2860W  in Vernon are both lakeshore beaches where nudity is well accepted, but attendance at each is light.

      Northwest of the Okanagan Valley in Kamloops, Mission Flats Park [2] 50.6936N, 120.4295W  is an undeveloped riverside park with gorgeous mountain views and a custom of bare bathing. West of the Okanagan Valley in Nelson, Red Sands Beach [2] 49.5168N, 117.2626W  and Painted Rock Beach [2] 49.5310N, 117.2493W  are nearby lakeshore beaches amid beautiful scenery, and nudity is customary at both beaches.

      Near Skookumchuck in the vicinity of Cranbrook, nude soaking is customary at Ram Creek Hot Springs [2] 50.0329N, 115.5925W  . This very remote site is deep in the Rockies near the Alberta border.


     Bare Creek Bed & Breakfast    49.1028N, 122.8843W     E

     Sol Sante    48.6676N, 123.6004W     E
          Cobble Hill (north of Victoria, Vancouver Island)

     Sunny Trails Club    49.2332N, 122.0105W     E
          Lake Errock (north of Chilliwack, east of Vancouver)

     Van Tan Club    49.3559N, 123.0409W     E
          North Vancouver


     Eagle's Nest B & B    50.1099N, 119.4558W     E
          Lake Country (north of Kelowna)

     Shadow Falls Campground    49.3180N, 121.8935W     E
          Harrison Mills

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