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Ontario & The Prairie Provinces
The Prairie Provinces—Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta

ONTARIO     [ ↑ ]


      Ontario's premier nude beach is located on an island in Lake Ontario just offshore from Toronto. Hanlan's Point Beach [1] 43.6170N, 79.3917W  was made a legal nude beach in 1999, and since then it has evolved from an obscure nude beach to a very popular one. Accessible only by passenger ferry, the beach is just a few kilometers from Toronto's distinctive skyline, but it is a world of its own. Also in the Toronto area, Beechgrove Beach West [2] 43.7577N, 79.1630W  is a much lesser known and more lightly attended lakeshore beach located in the eastern suburb of Scarborough.

      In southern Ontario about halfway between Detroit (Michigan) and Buffalo (New York), there are two beaches on Lake Erie that attract small numbers of nudists. Both are within an hour's drive south of London. Port Burwell Provincial Park [2] 42.6491N, 80.8341W  in Port Burwell is the better established for bare bathing and is likely to have the most nudists, although crowds are never large. John E. Pearce Provincial Park [2] 42.6058N, 81.4270W  near Wallacetown draws limited crowds due to access difficulties.


     Angel Eyes Bed & Breakfast    43.9470N, 78.7186W     E
          Bowmanville (east of Toronto, near Lake Ontario)

     Bare Oaks    44.1489N, 79.3712W     E, F
          Sharon (north of Toronto)

     East Haven Sun Club    45.3576N, 75.1039W     E, F
          Casselman (southeast of Ottawa)

     Jewel Lake Wilderness    46.4260N, 79.7466W     E
          North Bay (340 km north of Toronto)

     Lakesun Club    44.4661N, 76.4920W     E
          Perth Road (north of Kingston)

     Lilly Valley    42.9266N, 78.9672W     E
          Fort Erie (near Niagara Falls)

     Ponderosa Resort    43.3656N, 80.0764W     E
          Freelton (between Hamilton and Guelph)

     Sunny Glades    42.6110N, 81.9003W     E
          Bothwell (between London and Windsor)

     Sunward Naturist Park    45.2537N, 76.7091W     E
          Calabogie (west of Ottawa)


     Bear Cove Bed & Breakfast    45.1887N, 81.6132W     E
          Tobermory (on Lake Huron, 300 km NW of Toronto)

     The Point Tent & Trailer Resort    42.7177N, 80.3587W     E
          Vittoria (near Lake Erie)

     Rainbow Ridge Resort    43.8785N, 80.2786W     E
          Grand Valley (northwest of Toronto)

     Riverside RV Campground    44.5685N, 77.3006W     E
          Tweed (between Toronto & Ottawa)

PLACES TO STAY—ADULTS ONLY (not suitable for minors)

     The Grand Barn    45.5153N, 74.5827W     E
          Vankleek Hill (between Ottawa and Montréal)

THE PRAIRIE PROVINCES—Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta     [ ↑ ]


      Canada's prairie provinces—Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta—seem incongruous with nude beaches, being located north of Montana and North Dakota, but each province has a couple of places that attract nude bathers.

      Manitoba has two nude beaches, but they are essentially the same place—sort of. About 90 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Patricia Beach [2] 50.4294N, 96.5990W  and Beaconia Beach [2] 50.4331N, 96.5911W  are nearly adjacent, separated by a small channel of water. While these beaches are within sight of one another and are essentially mirror images, it is not especially convenient to get from one beach to the other. The particular geography of the area has resulted in Beaconia evolving into a virtually all-gay nude beach, while Patricia is preferred by straight nudists. Both beaches are well attended, making them the most established nude beaches in the prairie provinces.

      Likewise in Saskatchewan, the small city of Saskatoon also has two nude beaches—one straight and one gay, by custom. While both are sandbars on the South Saskatchewan River, they are about 8 kilometers apart as the crow flies but nearly 40 kilometers apart by car. Cranberry Flats [2] 52.0246N, 106.7075W  , on the east side of the river and closer to the city, is preferred by gay nudists. Paradise Beach [2] 51.9740N, 106.7850W  , on the west side of the river, is the choice of straight nudists. Both beaches are lightly attended.

      Southwest of Edmonton, Cottontail Corner [2] 53.3579N, 113.7663W  near Devon is a site on the North Saskatchewan River that has the distinction of being Canada's newest and northernmost nude beach, and it has quickly gained a small contingent of visitors since a local resident began promoting the beach circa 2013. Otherwise, the only known nudist hangout in Alberta is located along the Elbow River [3] 50.9924N, 114.1638W  in Calgary. A handful of nude bathers often gather at a hidden sandbar located at a bend of the river, accessible by a hike of about half an hour. Discretion is advised.


     Naturist Legacy    50.2691N, 96.7206W     E
          Libau (northeast of Winnipeg)


     Green Haven Sun Club    50.5539N, 104.1365W     E
          Balgonie (northeast of Regina)


     Helios    53.3669N, 112.6629W     E
          Tofield (southeast of Edmonton)

     Sunny Chinooks Campground    51.7971N, 114.6394W     E
          Sundre (northwest of Calgary)


     Northern Lights Bed & Breakfast    53.5417N, 113.5780W     E

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