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The Maritimes & Québec
The Maritimes—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island

THE MARITIMES—Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island     [ ↑ ]


      The Maritimes are three small (by Canadian standards) provinces located northeast of Maine: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Each of these provinces has one beach where nudists congregate.

      Nova Scotia's nude beach is Crystal Crescent Beach [1] 44.4515N, 63.6211W  , located on the Atlantic Ocean about 30 kilometers south of Halifax. The nude area is a small cove separated from the main textile beach by about a kilometer.

      New Brunswick's nude beach is Kelly's Beach [2] 46.8049N, 64.8890W  on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, located in a sparsely populated area about 115 kilometers north of Moncton. Kelly's Beach is within a national park and is several kilometers long, and it's far southern reaches provide seclusion for nudists.

      On the north coast of Prince Edward Island, Blooming Point Beach [2] 46.4155N, 62.9998W  is a long and sparsely attended beach on the Gulf of St. Lawrence about 25 kilometers northeast of Charlottetown. A scattering of nudists gather on the far west end of the beach.

      Of the Maritimes' three notable beaches, Crystal Crescent is by far the most popular and best established. It is also the closest to an urban area (Halifax) and requires the least walking—15 minutes compared to about half an hour for Kelly's and Blooming Point.

NATURIST RETREATS—Prince Edward Island

     The Oasis Resort    46.4860N, 63.3294W     E, F
          Cavendish (northwest of Charlottetown)

QUEBEC     [ ↑ ]


      Québec's most popular nude beach is within metropolitan Montréal. About 50 kilometers west of the city on the north shore of the Lake of the Two Mountains (Lac des Deux-Montagnes), Oka Beach [1] 45.4707N, 74.0197W  —nicknamed "Okapulco" by locals—draws hundreds of bare bathers.

      About 90 kilometers northwest of Montréal near Ste-Adèle, there is beautiful, hidden, scenic waterfall ("Les Chutes") in Parc Linéaire [2] 45.9965N, 74.1408W  where nude sunning of the rocks is common, and the crowd is mostly gay.

      Although Canada's national capital—Ottawa—is located in Ontario, the closest nude beach to the capital city is across the border near Hull, Québec. Meech Lake [4] 45.5333N, 75.8709W  has two secluded areas that draw nudists, but this site was unexpectedly targeted by police for anti-nudity raids in 2011, and the troubles have continued into 2012, so the long-term fate of nudity at Meech Lake is still uncertain.

      Plage de Cap-aux-Oies [2] 47.5038N, 70.2293W  , on the north bank of the broad St. Lawrence River, is a beautiful beach located 115 kilometers northeast of Québec City, the provincial capital. The lightly attended north end of the beach is where a few bare bathers congregate.

      Two other areas of interest are located farther afield from Québec's urban centers. There is a secluded nude beach on the north shore of Lac Simon [3] 46.0006N, 75.0790W  near Duhamel, located about 175 kilometers northwest of Montréal and 100 kilometers northeast of Ottawa. At 250 kilometers north of Québec City and 500 kilometers northeast of Montréal, Pointe Taillon Beach [1] 48.6792N, 71.8858W  in the Lac St-Jean resort area near Alma is surely the most remote mainland nude beach in the province.

      The Magdelan Islands—or, in French, Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine—form an archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, several hundred kilometers from mainland Québec (closer to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia). This archipelago has two beaches that attract a scattering of nude bathers: Old Harry Beach [3] 47.6027N, 61.4470W  at its northern extreme and Plage du Havre-Aubert [3] 47.2450N, 61.8014W  at its southern extreme.


     Centre Naturiste Oasis    45.7891N, 73.7185W     F, E
          La Plaine (north of Montréal)

     Domaine Le Cyprès    46.8491N, 72.3430W     F, E
          Notre-Dame-de-Montauban (west of Québec City)

     Domaine Soleil de l'Amitié    45.8759N, 72.3838W     F, E
          St-Cyrille-de-Wendover (southeastern Québec )

     La Pommerie    45.0585N, 73.8647W     F, E
          Saint-Antoine-Abbé (south of Montréal, near NY border)

     La Vielle Ferme    48.3891N, 68.5128W     F, E
          Rimouski (Lower St. Lawrence)

     Loisirs Air Soleil    45.8049N, 72.2913W     F
          L'Avenir (southeastern Québec)


     Bain de Nature    45.3374N, 72.7704W     F
          St-Alphonse-de-Granby (between Montréal and Sherbrooke)

     Camping de la Fierté    46.0214N, 73.6934W     F, E
          Ste-Julienne (north of Montréal)

     Camping Plein Bois    45.4340N, 74.2888W     F, E
          Ste-Marthe (west of Montréal, near ON border)

     Domaine de l'Arc-en-Ciel    46.4693N, 71.7382W     F
          Joly (southwest of Québec City)

     Domaine Emeraude    46.0825N, 72.8651W     E, F
          St-François-de-Lac (between Montréal and Trois-Rivières)

     Gîte au Masculin    45.9906N, 70.8762W     F, E
          St. Honoré de Shenley (south of Québec City, near Maine border)

     La Conciergerie Guest House    45.5135N, 73.5547W     E, F

     Le Gíte NuZone    45.5175N, 73.5632W     E, F

     Le St-Christophe    45.5172N, 73.5612W     F, E

     Maison Des Jardins    45.5214N, 73.5576W     E, F, I*, S*

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